Polar Squad

Polar Squad makes tech work meaningful.

Polar Squad is a DevOps consultancy with 50+ specialized senior professionals that excel in enabling software development companies to focus on what really matters. By creating rapid, scalable and reliable cloud environments and software development practices, Polar Squad eliminates unnecessary work. We have offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Málaga and Berlin.

Our jobs

  • DevOps consultant / Site Reliability Engineer

    Polar Squad’s mission is to make our clients’ developers happy by easing their job with DevOps practices, automation, and fully functional infrastructure solutions. Our extensive experience in DevOps, including Cloud Platforms, CI & CD, Kubernetes, infrastructure automation, and much more, allows us to work in a tech-agnostic way. We are now offering numerous DevOps jobs in Málaga!

    We know the perfect candidate does not exist. What’s most important is that you are passionate about DevOps and SRE and have the desire to grow with us.
    Ideally, you have good tech skills and the willingness and soft skills to mentor and teach teams and individuals.

    Here are some skills and traits we appreciate in a candidate – this is not a list of requirements:

    Useful skills:

    • Experience working with cloud-native tools (Kubernetes, Helm, and Prometheus, to name a few).

    • Experience with CI/CD pipelines.

    • Experience with containers.

    • Ability to read and write some code (Bash, Go, Python).

    • Expertise in Azure cloud, AWS or GCP.

    • SRE, and SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs are some of the things you would enjoy implementing.

    • Understanding of the Linux operating system.

    • Understanding of the core methodological aspect of DevOps.

      Traits that might make you a perfect match for us:

    • Good communicative skills.

    • Willingness to take part in building a new and unique startup.

    • Willingness to mentor.

    • You understand some problems are not technical and are better solved with different skills and tools.

    • You are interested in the cultural aspects of DevOps.

    • You want to be a consultant, working on various projects.

    • You have empathy towards developers.